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What is An Expert Witness?

An expert witness provides his opinion based on provided information. Read on to learn more. 

What is an Expert Witness?

An Expert Witness can be anyone with knowledge or experience of a particular field or discipline.

An Expert Witness Will:

  • Provide an independent expert opinion in their area of expertise
  • Provide the opinion in the form of a report and/or evidence before as required
  • Comply with the specific procedure rules applicable and any court orders in the case
  • Provide truthful, impartial and independent opinions
  • An expert witness has an overriding duty to the Court 
  • The Court expects an expert witness to be independent and impartial 

An Expert Witness Will Not:

  • Be your advocate and argue your case, nor will they find evidence or suggest what your case should consist of
  • Provide any opinion beyond their area of expertise.
  • Accept any appointment which involves a conflict of interest
  • Accept any appointment on terms that are conditional on the outcome of the case. 
  • Act as a negotiator.

You Must:

  • Agree contractual terms with the expert in writing before the work is started. These will include terms of payment. Many experts use standard terms such as The Academy of Experts ‘Model Terms of Engagement For The Employment of Experts.’
  • Provide detailed instructions.
  • Keep the expert informed of developments in the case and of all key dates in good time.
  • It is better that the legal representative, if you have one, deals with the Expert rather than you doing so.


Real Estate Expert Witness Services by Craig Cherney, Esc.

Craig Cherney is a trusted client advisor and a sought after real estate expert witness who is hired by the nation’s top Real Estate Litigation Attorneys to help resolve their litigated real property matters.  Craig has appeared as a testifying expert witness before judges and juries in California, Arizona, Nevada and other jurisdictions across the country. Craig Cherney, Esq. Expert Witness Real Estate480-399-2342.

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