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When a Real Estate Expert Witness Is Needed

Real estate matters are essential for those who are selling, purchasing, or seeking investment opportunities. This implies that an accurate evaluation or valuation of the property must be performed.

To determine the actual value of a home or plot of land, an expert in valuation is required. Depending on a number of variables, this may be a lengthy process, or it may be a simple task for a trained professional. This is typically determined by the real estate market, whether or not upgrades were made, the property’s location and condition, and similar factors. Before a deal can be finalized for a seller, it is essential to hire a real estate valuation expert to ensure that the property’s true value can be determined.

The value of the land or home should be known by a prospective buyer so that he or she can make an informed decision based on the factors that determined the dollar amount. This may then lead him or her to realize that some houses are preferable to purchase based on these characteristics rather than a less expensive home in an uncertain location. If at all possible, one should avoid living in areas with poor reputations, criminal activity, or where people are injured both inside and outside their homes. Investors seeking to add their funding to a project may consult with a real estate valuation expert in order to safeguard their investment with a property of sufficient value.

What a Real Estate Valuation Expert Does

The majority of professionals used as expert witnesses or professionals in the field have extensive experience and frequently years or decades of related field work. Real estate valuation is typically performed by real estate economists, brokers with consulting firms, or real estate agencies for all types of transactions. This indicates that they have knowledge of property values and value loss, relevant industry standards, and residential and commercial land valuation. With this information at their fingertips, they are able to distinguish between the true and perceived value of real estate for private homeowners and business owners with commercial land or property. This category may include tenants, homeowners, renters, leaseholders, landlords, and other comparable individuals.

Valuation is a complex science supported by numerous courses and studies in mathematics and economics. With knowledge of small-scale economics, it is possible to determine the neighborhood value of the property in comparison to the price the seller has placed on the house or land. If the transaction involves commercial real estate, the landlord or owner must be identified. This indicates that the arrangement may be on a smaller scale if it is leased or rented rather than sold. For purposes of litigation, this aids a plaintiff who has been wronged in obtaining the market value of a property when he or she has been cheated out of thousands or millions of dollars due to bad faith business practices.

Needs of Valuation Obligations

Real estate valuation is essential for two primary reasons, whether the subject is an individual or a business. When a single person attempts to purchase a home or piece of land, he or she must be aware of the property’s value. If the seller is asking for a much higher price, the buyer may choose another property and save money. Numerous elements, such as renovations, improvements, nutrient-rich soil, and location, can increase or decrease the value of a residential property. With the assistance of an expert in valuation, an approximate number is calculated for these elements.

Real Estate Expert Witness Services by Craig Cherney, Esq.

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