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What is an Expert Witness? – Criteria | Role | Cost

An expert witness is a person whose opinion is accepted by a court as an expert and can to testify in court because of their special proficiency or knowledge in a field that’s relevant to a specific case.

According to Lexology, “An expert witness is a person engaged to give an opinion based on experience, knowledge, and expertise. The overriding duty of an expert witness is to provide independent, impartial, and unbiased evidence to the court or tribunal.”

What criteria might be used to establish someone as an expert witness? The criteria someone has to have to establish themselves as an expert witness is to offer evaluations of the evidence due to their training and specialized scientific knowledge which is what makes forensic scientists expert witnesses.

The criteria used to establish someone as an expert witness are education, experience, and publications.

  1. Education. Possessing specific knowledge in a certain field
  2. Experience. Working experience in a certain field
  3. Publications. Relevant references to his experience and work

According to Brainly, “The criteria that might be used to establish someone as an expert witness are the following: the expert witness should be considered that he or she possesses the required knowledge on the subject. Also, the expert witness’s integrity as well as his or her experience and background on the given field.”

What is the Role of an Expert Witness?

The role of an expert witness is to give sworn evidence and his/her expert opinion to a court of law or tribunal.

The different types of witnesses include:

  • Witness of fact: A fact witness testifies about facts and events.
  • Expert witness: An expert witness can testify about facts, events, and their own expert opinion or diagnosis

How To Find an Expert Witness

You can find expert witnesses by searching at expert witness directories, magazine publications, and search engines like Simply search for “expert witness near me” to find a list of organic and map listings containing different expert witnesses that offer services in your area. Be sure to read reviews. For example, if you are looking for a real estate expert witness – go to and search for “real estate expert witness”. TheExpertInstitute, has a great guide about how to find an expert witness.

How Much Does an Expert Witness Cost?

Expert Witness Cost

On average an expert witness costs about $350 per hour, with average prices ranging from $275 per hour to $500 per hour according to SeakExperts. However, hiring a medical expert witness will cost you much more. Saponaroinc says you can expect to pay up to $1,200 per hour to hire a medical expert witness.

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