Real Estate Litigation Services
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Real Estate Litigation Services

Craig Cherney is very knowledgeable in complicated residential and commercial real estate matters. He has years of experience in disposition and acquisition of millions in investment capital in abandoned or incomplete developed residential land, master-planned communities and entitlement and zone change opportunities across the western US. He also has an understanding of the buying and selling of land and can assist developer clients in discovering, pursuing, controlling, obtaining, closing and developing land holdings, for residential or other types of land use.

Craig has testified in multiple jurisdictions as a testifying expert witness regarding fiduciary duties of care that is associated with a real estate managers’ daily responsibility and operating protocols when implementing real estate business plan or pooled investment scheme.

Craig thoroughly understands the pre-acquisition due-diligence measures and the specific objectives and details that should be acquired before closing on complicated land acquisition investments that often require significant investment capital.

Every client’s land acquisition is managed with care to decrease risk and increase the upside for every investment placed. Occasionally real estate deals don’t go through as intended, or promises aren’t upheld, and fiduciary responsibilities or contracts are broken. Mr. Cherney is thus knowledgeable in defending or moving forward with real estate litigation claims in a court of proficient jurisdiction if your partners or real estate investment didn’t perform as intended or as previously assured by the sponsoring developer.

Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney During Litigation

Once a transaction advances, not many people focus on the contract. But if problems develop, will the contract safeguard you and present proper remedies? It is often advisable to have an experienced real estate attorney generate and examine the purchase contract.

  • An attorney can explain your rights and options so you can take the appropriate steps to review your transaction proposals, such as if a property is sold “as is”, or if ownership is in question or negative adverse ownership claims.
  • An attorney can inform you of potentially bothersome real estate transactions, like seller loss carrybacks, privatized contracts, or sale-and-leaseback transactions, and can summarize a contract that aims to restrict your liability in the future.
  • An attorney working in the best interests of the seller can rectify title issues and examine and rectify lease agreements. An attorney working in the best interests of the buyer can summarize purchase agreements, examine property title reports and explain the escrow process. When purchasing a property that has a lease in place, estoppel letters are required to be acquired.
  • An attorney that is knowledgeable in estate planning can significantly help families in establishing how to legally hold title to a property, how to transfer the title of a property, prior or following death, and how to divide real property.

In addition, an attorney is vital in helping to resolve disputes, through either real estate litigation or real estate mediation. Craig Cherney usually works with HOA’s and assists them to amend real estate conflicts with members regarding HOA’s responsibilities and rights, and with property management companies to generate leases, settle tenant/ landlord issues, and to advocate on fair debt collection misconduct.

Real Estate Expert Witness Services by Craig Cherney, Esc.

Craig Cherney is a trusted client advisor and a sought after real estate expert witness who is hired by the nation’s top real estate litigation attorneys to help resolve their litigated real property matters.  Craig has appeared as a testifying expert witness before judges and juries in California, Arizona, Nevada and other jurisdictions across the country. Craig Cherney, Esq. Expert Witness Real Estate480-399-2342.

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