Types of Expert Witnesses
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Types of Expert Witnesses

There are many different kinds of expert witnesses. Read on to learn more. 

Medical Experts

Medical experts include doctors, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, or any other medically trained professional and often testify in the following areas:

  • Pain and suffering caused to an individual
  • Insight into additional surgeries that may be needed
  • Prognosis for the person
  • Limitations the people may face following an injury
  • The effects of injuries following a criminal assault
  • Ascertaining whether great bodily harm of substantial bodily harm has been caused
  • Explain the manner of death following a homicide

Vocational Experts

Vocational experts can offer insight into some of these areas:

  • Whether a person can return to the workplace and under what conditions
  • Advise to what additional training a person may benefit from to facilitate their return
  • What a person may do to reclaim their independence
  • Testify to how much future wages may be lost
  • Investigate and offer advice as to how long alimony should last

Engineering Experts

Engineering experts often offer advice on the following:

  • The safe design and manufacture of a product
  • Whether the designer or manufacturer was aware of a defect that may cause injury when used in the intended manner.

Forensic Experts

Forensic experts can offer a wide range of services as a witness:

  • Establishing DNA evidence
  • Ascertaining if a substance is an illegal substance
  • Testifying about the level of alcohol found in blood
  • If a fire was deliberate or the result of an accident

Mental Health Experts

Mental Health Experts specialize as witnesses in the following areas:

  • If someone was in a rational state of mind when making changes to their will
  • Is there a question of criminal insanity
  • Does a person have full mental competency or not?
  • Is a person mentally capable of managing their own affairs

Parenting Experts

Experts on parenting can offer expert witnessing in some of these areas:

  • Advising on the emotional capacity of a child or children
  • If a parent is in recovery from addiction whether or not they can be effective parents
  • Evaluating the home life of a child or children
  • Recommending course of actions and plans in the best interest of the child or children

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