What is the Seller Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS)?
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What Is Expert Testimony?

Expert witness testimony can truly change the outcome of certain cases. Experts can offer information that can help strengthen the case for either the prosecution or the defense, depending on the kind of experts they are. However, just because an expert provides testimony, that doesn’t automatically guarantee a positive outcome for the side that called the witness. Some experts may provide testimony that seems weak, or otherwise like they would say anything just for a paycheck.

The main point of expert witness testimony is for the expert to teach the jury about a difficult topic of which he has superior knowledge. This means that the expert must break down all of the jargon and industry speak so that it is easier for the jury – and everyone else – to understand. The expert must be able to communicate in a way that is not so technical. Miscommunication has been many an expert witness’ downfall because it is sometimes difficult to explain a concept that they otherwise know so well.

Some experts get carried away and say much more than they need to in order to answer the question posed to them. This can end up hurting the case, rather than helping it. It can also confuse the jury if the expert continues to ramble on with no clear explanations behind what he is saying.

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