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Most Common Reasons for Real Estate Disputes

In the housing market these days, real estate disputes are more prevalent than ever making it progressively vital to have a knowledgeable real estate attorney fighting for you. If you have purchased real estate already or thinking about it for the future, you need to realize there are different disputes you may be facing. Here are a few of the more common reasons you may find yourself in a real estate dispute.

1. Hidden Problems with the House

All too frequently, buyers close on a house only to find issues that they were not told about throughout the buying process. These issues can leave a property worth a lot less than the asking price you paid. The details in the closing papers and inspection reports is invaluable in resolving these kinds of disputes. If the seller knew about an issue with the property and tried to hide the issue in order to sell, you may have a reason for a civil lawsuit to recover damages.

2. Repair Matters

A lot of people ask for a few repairs to the property when purchasing a house, prior to the deal being finalized. Nevertheless, you may find out after closing that the repairs weren’t done as requested or were done poorly. Email communications concerning the repairs can be very handy in finding out what your legal options are in case the seller doesn’t make the repairs as promised to the real property.

3. Breach of Contract

After contracts are signed, neither party can back out of them devoid of legal grounds. If one party attempts to break the contract devoid of proper legal grounds, the other party can sue for breach of contract. If you’re concerned about whether someone has wrongfully violated a real estate contract, a real estate litigation attorney can help.

4. Zoning Matters

Some real estate disputes arise from land use and zoning disputes. This may happen when a buyer has plans to build a house or business and wind up facing zoning limitations when the buyer goes to pull construction permits or entitle tract maps. What you plan on using the property for maybe conflicted with what can be allowed by local ordinance, which is one of the reasons it is vital to engage the counsel of an experienced real estate attorney prior to you purchasing real property.

Attorney For Real Estate Dispute

Real estate is a significant purchase and investment that you do not want to put in jeopardy of losing in any subsequent litigation or dispute. As opposed to trying to navigate this immense process on your own, be sure you have an experienced real estate litigation attorney like Craig Cherney that can assist you during any dispute you may come across.

If you’re presently in the center of a real estate dispute or you have concerns or questions on how you need to best move forward, Mr. Cherney has the skill and experience you need.

Real Estate Expert Witness Services by Craig Cherney, Esq.

Craig Cherney is also a trusted client advisor and a sought after real estate expert witness who is hired by the nation’s top Real Estate Litigation Attorneys to help resolve their litigated real property matters.  Craig has appeared as a testifying expert witness before judges and juries in California, Arizona, Nevada and other jurisdictions across the country. Craig Cherney, Esq. Expert Witness Real Estate480-399-2342.

Disclaimer: This Post Is Not Legal Advice.

You should not ever depend on an online post for legal advice as the law and codes changes often, information sometimes might not be accurate, there can be exceptions to the rule, and wholesale reliance on such matters could be damaging. Always consult with experienced attorneys for current, effective, and factual legal advice.

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